Hello world!

Who is Pixie Foodie?
The best way to describe who I am – always scouring for the best places to eat here in Singapore and overseas. When I travel overseas, I bring a foodie’s list with me, and lug home some extra kilos (on myself). Payback is always a torture for me. So here I am sipping on a cup of piccolo latte as I write this. Coffee makes me happy, keeps me going, and might I add – only good full-bodied coffee. I hate to admit this, but without a good cuppa a day, I’m as good as without sleep for a night. I am spoilt that way. Oops 😛

Why blog?
I have been sitting on the idea of starting a food and travel blog for ages but never got around to doing it. I read blogs all the time, (be it food, travel, fashion, lifestyle, you name it), and I have always wanted, like these bloggers, to share my interests and recommendations with people around me. There was a lot of hesitation before I set up Pixie Foodie (PxF), because there is so much more than just putting up posts! So anyway, here’s to getting out of my comfort zone and taking a leap of faith. Wish me luck!

What’s in for you?
With my inquisitive nature, rather spoilt tastebuds, and huge cravings for certain kind of food (and piccolo lattes), be sure to look out for reviews (i.e. my personal opinions) of restaurants, cafes, hawkers and some occasional kitchen therapies too. I love to cook and I do so more often when I’m stressed 😉

Where will I bring you?
As far as the grand city of Madrid and as close to as just across the causeway. But more often around the little town of Singapore, and sometimes to my humble little kitchen.

Weapon of Choice?
G11, and the gadget I’m ever so dependent on – iPhone 4s. (Thank God for Steve Jobs.)

And the next time, I’ll be sharing the best coffee places to visit in Singapore!